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North Yorkshire Youth Executive Mental Health10 July 2018

Maths Challenge 20183 May 2018

Over 250000 students from more than 3000 schools and collages across the UK participated in the UKMT international maths challenge. High scorers areawarded certificates to recognize their success in mathematics with top scores invited to follow-on competitions.

Thank you to all students that participated and congratulations to all of the students that achieved certificates.

Extra congratulations to the two students who were both invited to do follow on papers and achieved certificates of participation.


Maths Masterclass26 April 2018

Tristan Gilby was nominated by teachers to take part in the York Royal Institiution Masterclasses 2018. This is a series of 6 masterclasses at York University aimed at promoting STEM. Tristan says it was extremely challenging but yet rewarding. Tristan is now considering a career in mathematics


Well done Tristan from all at Graham School

Graham School win Latin Competition at Leeds University15 March 2018

Eight of our students, taking GCSE Latin, competed bravely today in a hard fought Classical Reading competition, organised by the University of Leeds. Our students were reading alongside a number private and grammar schools from across Yorkshire - in truth, we were the only state school in our category!


Some simply stunning performances from some of our quietest students and confident public speaking from several of our shining stars at school ensured that Graham School held their own in a tough contest.

Fred Varley delivered a 'typically understated' performance, full of passionate gesticulations and superb pronunciations. Out of 50+ competing students in our category, we in fact had the only student to read theirs without a paper copy to back them up. This paid dividends for her, as India went on to be crowned the winner of the competition with her intense delivery being highly commended and applauded for her superb retention skills.

Compass BUZZ US31 January 2018

Compass BUZZis launching a new innovative text messaging service called BUZZ US for young people aged 11-18.  Young people across North Yorkshire will be able to text 07520 631168 regarding any Mental Health and Wellbeing issues and receive advice, support and signposting from one of our Wellbeing Workers.