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Our Houses

There are 5 houses named after constellations ...each student reaching for the stars!

Aquila, Centaurus, Hercules, Pegasus, Orion

Our House system creates more of a family atmosphere, fosters a greater sense of whole School membership and provides daily insights to progression through school. It also provides mentoring opportunities for students, whether that is from the form tutor or another student in the form/house. The tutor groups within the houses are arranged vertically. At Lower School this means that tutor groups are made up of students from Year 7 & Year 8. At Upper School the tutor groups have students from Year 9, 10 and 11.

Form tutors undertake regular Learning Conversations with the members of their form monitoring progress towards personal and academic targets, working with students to ensure appropriate support programmes are put in place to help each student to achieve his or her potential.

We have clear expectations for learning, progress, appearance and behaviour. We value the support of parents and carers in upholding these standards and for making sure their child attends school on time every day thus ensuring they make the most of their time at Graham School.